Friday 2 July 2010


from Cézanne's Wanstead period

Sorry. I have been resisting now for over a week, which given my proven track-record of immaturity I feel is pretty impressive. You probably all saw it coming several posts ago, and have been wondering what the delay was. Well, with Mrs L away, there has been a dearth of fruit in the house, but that is not all. I have been busy. Very busy.

Not really, I've just been slumming about as usual, trying to drum up the enthusiasm to buy and then photograph some fruit. It has taken me a week, which does not bode well for my future productivity. Come September, I will have two children in school, and one at nursery for two days a week, and Mrs L has made it very clear that me bumming around the house or going birding will not be tolerated. No, I need some gainful employment. She has been telling me this for about a year now, saying I need to be ready for September. What have I done about it? Nothing. A fair amount of thinking when I cannot avoid the reality of the situation, but anything concrete? No.

I still don't know what I want to do. I quite like doing nothing is part of the problem, but the main one is that I genuinely do not know. Banking, no. I'm done with that. Earning pots of money is all very nice, but it is soul-sapping, and frankly I can't face it. I may yet have to, but for now it remains a reserve option.

As a starting point, what do I enjoy? Birding. Moths. Cleaning. Nature in general. Taking photographs. Can any of this be made to pay? Possibly. Will it require hard work? Yes. Oh.

That could be a problem.


  1. Nicely shot bowl of fruit, nice lighting, nice exposure, nice detail in the white sofa material, bloody crap distraction in the gap between the cushions at the back!!! Stick to birds (or wildlife)

  2. I don´t think that is a sofa. I think Jono took that bowl of fruit to bed.

    Enough said.