Wednesday 28 July 2010

Are you eating?

Hope not, but if you are, look away now. Let's face it, only the feet of small children are nice. Teenagers, adults, old people, all essentially disgusting, and I think that my feet are pretty unattractive. However, this is not going to prevent me sharing them with the world.

If you read that twitter thing on the right, you will perhaps be aware that I stubbed my toe today. Whilst the dishwasher repair guy (Trevor) was here, he requested an old towel. I knew I had one in the garden that I use as a white backdrop for moth-catching, so I went and got that. As I skipped gaily back indoors, I misjudged the patio step, caught my left big toe, and crumpled to a heap on the floor. But Trevor needed that towel, so I got up, carried on, and gave it to him, at the same time noticing blood leaking from underneath my toenail.

In the event he didn't use the towel. Nor did he fix the dishwasher. His recommendation was to just buy a new one. Many Thanks Trev. Should I also get a new toe?


Ouch. I clobbered it good and proper and it hurts a lot more that the photo would suggest. It has turned purple, and I can barely bend it. I think I am going to need to go to Whipps Cross A&E tomorrow morning as I can't walk. You wouldn't have thought that a big toe is particularly important, but in fact I have discovered that I need it to work properly. My parents say that if it is broken I will need to wearing some kind of cast boot thing. Let's hope that it is just bruising, as I have no desire to wear a stupid heavy boot through the summer holidays. I mean what if I need to twitch something? Also please note that the white areas on my feet that look suspiciously like where flip-flops go are in fact due to a Michael Jackson-esque skin-whitening disease, and not at all indicative of the life of a perpetual bum.


  1. dude put your trotters away!!!

  2. I promise I will never say anything unkind about moths again. Just for god's sake no more foot posts.

  3. Although the picture isn't your best presentation to your readers, I can feel for you as I had a shower door drop on my big toe about 18 months ago. When the nail eventually comes of it really is gross.