Wednesday 21 July 2010

I did three things today

The dishwasher has broken. I can't begin to tell you how annoying this is. It is only about three years old. I remember ranting on this blog about a similarly recently constructed, and also now deceased, fridge. Why don't people make things better? Just make a good one, rather than a cheap piece of shit. It has been on the way out for a while, but had been clinging on. Now it won't even pump any water in. My options are get it fixed, up to £130, or buy a new one, £200. Irritatingly close. Given our circumstances I think I am going to get it fixed, but I will not be surprised if another part dies in the next six months and I'm ranting on here again, just more vehemently.

I did three loads of washing up today, all taken out of the dishwasher. Very depressing. Some of it was a couple of days old. and so Rice Krispies had morphed into pebble-dash, and Weetabix was full blown concrete. I'll be shouting at the children tomorrow to finish every last morsel, or not allowing them milk perhaps.

But all that is a bit dull. Much more interesting are three things I did today. First of all I went out on Wanstead Flats and saw nothing. Much the same as usual really. Always with an eye for a photograph though, I have touchingly captured an image of a Moorhen and a couple of discarded Tango cans for your enjoyment. Lovely.

Secondly, I attended Muffin's sports day. Put off from last week when rain stopped play, today was glorious and so we were on. Great to see all the kids having such fun. I don't get to see him interact with his peers, so this was like a brief window into his world. His team didn't win, but boy can he run!

As soon as his year group had finished, and well before I could be rounded up and made to run in the dad's race, I snuck out of the playground and went to Broxbourne to look for Purple Emperor butterflies and Crossbills. You'll be pleased to hear I didn't find the butterflies, but I did score a Crossbill. After giving up on the main ride through the wood, I took a side path through some pines and found a small pool with a bench. There I sat, silently, for well over an hour, during which many things happened. First of all I watched a succession of small birds come down to the pool to drink, including Coal Tits, Blackcaps and Wrens. A Treecreeper fed on a trunk close by, and most amazing of all, a Muntjac Deer came in to drink, appearing not to see me. I inched my camera up to my eye, cursing the fact I only had a Macro lens. At the click of the shutter it startled, saw me, and bolted. And last but by no means least, a Crossbill, possibly more than one, flew over SE giving its diagnostic call. Played for and got, and very pleased after drawing a blank last week.


  1. Obviously a difficult day given the catastrophe so perhaps it's an oversight but wouldn't like to think it sullied your reputation so thought I'd point it out, only the one Tango can. Not suggesting you've tried to string the second one mind just a heads up.

  2. I can only see one too, unless I zoom out until I cant read the writing any more. This happens with all your landscape format photos, your blog appears to be in 'widescreen' on my monitor. Never-mind though, doesn't spoil my enjoyment.

    I sympathise with your dishwasher problem, each time I use our 'cheap piece of shit' I have to stick various parts of it back together first! Fridge is hanging in there though despite being twenty years old!!

  3. It's a tricky one Karen. I have a wide-screen monitor, so for me it looks good. I'm not sure which resolution I should set it up for, but it does appear that anything over towards the right of any landscape photo may get hidden for some people. I can assure Alan that I am not a Tango can stringer, and that there are two!

  4. We too had a dishwasher near-death experience over the past few days. Fortunately at the last minute my husband extracted some popcorn seeds from its guts and it appears to have made a miraculous recovery. His efforts were prompted by severe sticker shock--we thought we would try to get a dishwasher that was NOT a piece of crap and it turns out that means you have to spend around $1000 if not more. I suppose this is what we get for expecting cheap goods, and to get quality you have to spend a more, a LOT more, but the thing that really chapped me is that people seem to have a lot of complaints about the $1500 dishwashers as well, so what's the point anyway?

    Anyway. The deer spot looks beautiful, great photo of your son. Thank you to Karen for pointing out the landscape thing, I don't usually enlarge the photos and hadn't noticed. I'm getting a larger landscape format monitor today, as it happens, and will see if that makes a difference.

  5. Have now opened the picture up rather than just glancing at it in passing and can see two Tango cans, please accept my apologies, looks like I've been Tangoed.