Wednesday 7 July 2010


Just take a look at this beauty! I'm still stunned that it could be at Rainham. Earlier in the year, I balked at spending eight hours in a car to watch other people enjoy crippling views from a hide whilst I scoped a hazy blob through a fence. Clearly the best things do come to those who wait!

After zooming to see the bird this morning with the kids in tow (my two year old has it on her list!), I returned tonight to help out with the twitch. The bird was far too far away to get anything decent, but I took these for a sense of the atmosphere. I wasn't actively birding when Rainham hosted the Sociable Plover, and as I was living just down the road at the time I have always regretted it, so this in a way was my turn.

PS While you're here, have a look at the Med Gull a few photos down. A Wanstead Tick for me, and more exciting than the Plover in many ways.

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