Monday 13 September 2010

Doh, Doh, and Doh

We all go through patches that are far from purple. I don't yet know if this is one, but it is definitely building....

Doh #1
Text from Kev at 06:40 saying something like "Did any of you see the Raven over Rainham just now?" Bugger.

Doh #2
Awake after getting Kev's text, and getting dressed, a phone call from Nick regarding a SEO flushed from long grass on the Flats. I legged it out of the house, but it had departed north. Doh. I have no-one to blame but myself, I should have been out there. Trouble is, with the mornings getting darker and Mrs "security-conscious" L still leaving for work at the same time, the time available for birding in the morning is becoming so short as to be unworthwhile. Why wake up at the crack of dawn for 20 minutes of birding? Well, how about for a Short-eared Owl on the patch? Quite.

Doh #3
I missed an Osprey by five minutes at Amwell yesterday. Surely lightning won't strike twice I thought, and went to Rainham instead. Yup.......

Wheatears are much nicer than Ravens, Short-eared Owls and Ospreys

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  1. It isn't just me, then. On Sunday I did see the Ortolan Bunting (kind of) at Beachy Head but not the Wryneck (never seen one), Honey Buzzard (never seen one) or the Icterine Warbler (wouldn't know even if I had seen one) - all were close by but didn't know about them until returning home. Also missed an Osprey flying close to my patch in Surrey that same morning as I was heading south on the M23 (it's behind you!).