Tuesday 13 April 2010

A Photo Essay on Failure

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Does that mean that three pictures tell three-thousand words? I am not known for word-thrift, and I reckon I could probably use up all three-thousand on quite how much this kind of behaviour annoys me. I'll spare you this time. But I took the owner to task, and the good news is that he "heard what I was saying". If ever there was a phrase which indicated utter indifference and apathy, this is it. Apparently Queen Victoria gave Wanstead Flats to the East End for the commoners to enjoy, and that is what he and his dogs were doing and were going to continue doing.



  1. Argh! It makes me furious but I think you were quite brave to tackle him. I find people with dogs a bit too intimidating. I wish we had some official rangers around instead of just a few signs. Someone stationed at the car park on busy days to explain about the larks, and why dumping bags of rice by the pond is not a good idea!
    Actually, wasn't it bliss when the car park was closed?

  2. Well, I'm glad you said something. I do think public opprobrium helps (though it is very hard to be the public who delivers the opprobrium). Did you call the Epping Forest Keepers, afterward?