Sunday 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

I'm not at all religious, so I don't know a whole lot about Easter. Muffin however appears to have already been indoctrinated. His school is not a faith school, but at significant events in the Christian calendar they invite various people in, and they appear to have grasped this opportunity with both hands. And a guitar, naturally.

So today I have learned a lot about Jesus. Very nice and all that, but not really my thing. What is interesting is that the kids don't bat an eyelid whilst they talk about crucifiction and death. They must get a watered down version of the Easter story, light on detail. Mind you, they are all five or six, so reducing them to tears with the barbarity of life in Roman times is probably not the best way to successfully spread the word.

But whilst I'm not a buyer of the message, it is nice to spend some quality time as a larger family, Hoopoes at Rainham not withstanding... Gutted, but there was just no way I could get there today. Mrs L would have crucified me..... So I let it pass, and have attepted not to be grumpy about it. Instead I played a bit of football with the kids, and had an Easter Egg hunt in the garden. Jesus organised one of these for his disciples, in the Garden of Gethsemane I think, and they all enjoyed it so much that the tradition has passed down through the ages, the only change being that we now use chocolate eggs, and sometimes rabbits wrapped in foil as well. There are some parts of Easter that I'm only too happy to help perpetuate.

The football was particularly entertaining. Hilbs has his stag-do coming up in a few weeks, and part of the day is devoted to this strange pastime. Seeing as I gave up all forms sport about twenty years ago, I've been exploiting my children in order to try and get some practice in before the big day, and in doing so have discovered quite how hopeless I am. I cannot for the life of me kick a ball in a straight line. I gave up in the end and just took photos of them all.

Sorry, no birds today. There is a possibility I may be granted the chance to go and see some tomorrow. If I'm good. Flowers would apparently help my cause.

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  1. Would you be interested in producing a short article for the Wanstead Village Directory? Something along the lines of what birds can be spotted in and around the area over the next few months illustrated with some of your images and a promotion for your blog.

    Let me know if this is of interest.