Wednesday 19 August 2009

A curious thing

A curious thing has occurred in my garden overnight. A small cetacean appears to have died on the lawn, and its body carried off by local carrion feeders. If confirmed, this will be the first ocean-going mammal species recorded in suburban Wanstead. If anybody has any pointers as to the ID, please let me know - this is an important development in the annals of Wanstead wildlife watching, and needs to be taken seriously.

Delphinidae sp

Talking of ID challenges, I have been building up a nice portfolio of poor photos of small brown moths. Again, take a look and see if you can do any better than me. I am most interested in the Waffle Moth obviously.

It has been very quiet on the patch. I have continued to get up at 5am and bash it for an hour or so, but no joy. The most interesting bird was a Teal, briefly, on the bank of Alex, before a local birder flushed it and it was never seen again. I'm still holding on for a Flycatcher sp. Semi-collared ideally, but I'd take a Spotted at this point. Oh, and if anyone wants a lift to Cornwall on Friday night for a seawatch off Porthgwarra early Saturday morning, there may be space in the car so let me know. B-b Albatross and Fea's Petrel guaranteed or your petrol money back*. No nutters please.

* In the unlikely event Albatrosses and rare Petrels are not seen, petrol money will be refunded at the rate of 0.0000000000001p per mile.

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