Tuesday 4 August 2009


Just checked the ELBF Forum and discovered that somebody has seen no fewer than seven Little Egrets on Heronry. FFS. Serves me right I suppose, but I have to say I am totally gutted. This was yesterday, whilst I was blowing good money on diesel on a tick-less trip to Norfolk. FFS.

So, resolutions.

- go out on the patch at least twice a week from now on. FFS.
- take the kids to Rainham at least once a week as it is a nice place.

- string Mute Swans into Little Egrets like other people round here seem to do.

I'm so pissed off I am not even going to enliven this post with an unnecessary Puffin photo. I mean, FFS.

1 comment:

  1. I might see you there. One of my new year's resolutions was to get to Rainham once every 2 weeks and so far I'm failing miserably. There is catching up to be done.