Friday 7 August 2020

The shadow world

In my wanderings recently I have noticed my shadow. I am not sure if I normally notice my shadow or not, certainly I cannot remember doing so very much in the past, but seeing as it was there and plain to see I've been taking pictures of it. Much better than selfies, far easier to get something acceptable without needing to try and look happy or friendly. Shadows have none of that, they don't ask any of those tough questions. Yes, overall I am much better as an imprint on the ground. My only regret is that in none of these photos was I wearing a hat - a real hat. That would have been cool. 

Filler? I have no idea what you mean.


  1. Second image. So you know those old-fashioned wind up toys with a big key in the side of them...

    1. That 'key' is an eos 1dx, but I do see whaty you mean!