Monday 24 August 2020

Calling all Wood Sandpipers

Dear Wood Sandpipers,

We have created a small yet fantastic scrape that we feel you will very much enjoy on Fairground Flats. Build it and they will come we were told, so please don't disappoint us. It is just to the west of Centre Road and even from my perspective as a non-wader is looking pretty tasty. Here's a photo, what do you think? Pretty nice eh? Probably loads of invertebrate grub, and as far as I can tell the only thing that has yet attempted to tuck in has been an Egyptian Goose and their beaks are extremely limited for this kind of thing. You will have a ball, guaranteed. I will be there from 5.30am tomorrow but don't mind me, just drop in anyway. But hurry as there is a real risk that it will dry up and we would not want you to miss out. See you soon!

Police Scrape (the initial depression was caused by the Olympic base in 2012)

Best wishes,

A friendly Birder