Tuesday 18 May 2010

The Patch is on Fire!

Just a quick post to say that the patch rocks. I don't know if I have made much of this lately, but I am living the patch dream. Out and about early again this morning, I was surprised to hear what I thought was a Lapwing. Given that it is mid-May - and Wanstead - I dismissed the thought as lunacy and started looking at the regular birds to see what might have confused me. Let's face it, it has been known to happen. Coots, Crows, Mallards and a Mute Swan looked back at me. I was about to pin it on a Coot when two Lapwings flew over my head and east over the Flats. Wow!

I'm no expert in Lapwing movements, but traditionally they have been seen here in hard weather. There should be snow on the ground to get a Lapwing. Luckily I got a photo as it does seem rather odd. This should hopefully allow me to claim all sorts of weird and wonderful things without photos later on should the need arise.

The Lapwings were easily the most exciting part of my birding morning, but it does put me on 93 here for the year, so my goal of getting 100 again may still be on. Still need Tawny Owl, and hopefully I'll get Redstart and Ring Ouzel in the autumn. And If I get stuck on 99, I'll just retrospectively claim the probable Ouzel from the spring. Easy.

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