Thursday 6 May 2010

Election Special!

Election Fever is gripping Wanstead! Not really. Much as I detest politics, I went and did my civic duty this morning. Having instantly recycled every single piece of election pamphleteering that came through the door, I was surprised when I got to the Polling Station to see that one of the local candidates lives on my street! I didn't vote for them. They tried to get planning permission to build a 20 storey extension in their back garden, like parking round here isn't screwed already. It got refused thankfully, but I certainly didn't want them having any say in local planning regulations, so I voted for someone else. I can't even remember their name, but they were from the Green Party, and thus presumably marginally less smarmy than all the others.

I'm ashamed to say that having thrown out all the bumpf, I hadn't a clue what any of their policies or pledges were and so voted somewhat randomly. I had a look at the first few bits that arrived, but that was so long ago I can't remember who they were from or what they said. The initial trickle turned into a deluge though, and I was just sick of the waste - the amount of stuff we ended up getting through the door was ridiculous. Mountains of it. Mostly it was from the three larger parties, but the smaller ones got in on the deforestation too. The BNP managed to deliver a glossy one-pager on how lovely, caring, and misrepresented they are (I didn't read it) and I think the Christian Alliance's key policy pledge was to end sex education for five year olds (I didn't read that either, so I could just be making it up).

So not really having read any of it, I found myself at a bit of a loss in the polling booth. It would have been helpful if the candidates' hobbies had been listed on the wall or something. Surely at least one of them must have been a birder and thus secured my vote?

Anyway, no doubt my vote will have made all the difference. I'll tell you tomorrow. I'm thinking about staying up to watch it, but probably won't. It will be a surprise in the morning. Anyway, if I go to sleep at a sensible time I can get up early and go birding. There are some things that politicians can't change.

The candidate from the Mallard Party.

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