Friday 28 May 2010

I don't Twitch, therefore I'm not.

I'm not going. Mega it may be. The sixth record ever it may be. But eight hours in a car on a bank holiday, for a hazy blob 300 yards away through a fifteen foot tall iron fence? Not for me. As you know, I have very high standards for bird-ticking, and in all good conscience I could not possibly tick it. So I'm not going, as frankly it sounds crap. Instead I am developing plan B, which will be pleasant, life-enriching, and involve Pied Flycatchers.

I've never seen a male Pied Flycatcher, silly as that sounds. I've only ever seen juvs/female types on passage. I've seen a male Collared Flycatcher, on a stupid day back in May last year, but never its commoner relative, which is basically wrong. So I'm going to put that right, and it will feel good. No filthy twitchering (apart from the Little Bittern which is on the way), instead a virtuous and worthy day out.

Pied Crustacean-catcher

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  1. Here Here Jono it's along way to see a cracking bird .... very badly ,the thought of the journey and the time in the car put myself off.So hats off to Monkey and Dick for Ticking it .