Saturday 8 May 2010

Bird Race

Tomorrow I am doing a bird race. This is possibly even stupider than twitching, for instance it involves getting up at 1am and going birding in the dark. The idea is to see as many species as possible in a day, so you have to start in the dark and cross your fingers that you hear Owls and stuff.

When it starts to get light, you get the dawn chorus, and then you spend the rest of the day hooning it from place to place trying for specific species, with perhaps the odd twitch thrown in for good measure. You also drink a lot of coffee. I cannot begin to describe how silly this is going to be, but even sillier is that I am looking forward to it. If we do amazingly well, we might get 150 species, but I think our real target is more like 140, which is still loads. My best day out netted 115 species, so that's my personal target. What, just go out birding, don't make any lists, and enjoy myself? Are you mad?

Anyway, if we don't fall asleep and wipe ourselves out on a quiet country road, I'll report back early next week on how it went. Ta-rah!


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