Saturday 22 May 2010

Common (as muck) Buzzards

Bit of a Buzzard-fest today from the Raptor Watchpoint in Wanstead. I did almost nothing today. I cooked stuff on a barbeque, I inflated a paddling pool, I quaffed wine, and I looked at the sky. I also fell asleep in the sun, and parts of me have gone pink. Looking at the sky was the best bit. No fewer than four Common Buzzards went over the garden. I wasn't even actively scanning for them. I was lying on my back, head pointing up. Any birds flying to the left or to the right were missed, and I still saw four. The first three were really high, the final one, at half five, low and north-east. Four in a day is amazing, considering that before today I'd had five ever. Let me know if you want any more stats.

Other exciting news? Er......

There is something to be said for spending a day doing absolutely sweet FA. After grinding myself to the bone all week, slaving away over pots and pans, wrestling with dusters and so on, to have a day off was rather pleasant. Might do it again very soon.

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