Wednesday 5 May 2010

Inevitable Springtime Post. Look away now.

1-2-3 Awwwwww!!
Lovely light out on the Flats this morning, and I couldn't believe my luck when I saw two Canada Geese leading their goslings out of the water for a morning feed on the grass. Irresistible. I forgot all about the Siberian Rubythroat I had been photographing and moved straight onto these.
For larger and more satisfying cuteness, you can click on the photos. If you need high-res files so that you can print them out poster size and hang them all over your house and postively bask in the cuteness, get in touch. Similarly, if you are selling your property, forget about baking bread before a viewing, just replace all your current pictures with these and double the asking price.


  1. Good gracious, they are cute. Do you have any shots with multiple goslings? In my opinion cuteness expands exponentially with additional cute critters.

  2. Yes, very cute indeed, I have to say. It's impossible not to like them in fact, so I'm rather thankful that they eventually do grow into the hulking great creatures that they do. It would be hard to justify my feelings for Canada Geese if they didn't.

    Incidentally, I've really liked some of your recent photos. I should probably say so more often.