Friday 12 March 2010

Dull of Wanstead

A very dull day in Chateau Lethbridge. Our cleaner used to come on a Friday, and the house used to sparkle and smell of various products well into Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon it would of course be back to normal, but that brief period on Friday evening and Saturday morning was much relished. These days, I am in charge, and whilst neither Mrs L nor I are under any illusions as to my capabilities in this area, I struggle to make an impression. I spent over two hours SLAVING today, and the house still looks awful. Part of the kitchen looks better than it did, but the overall impression is one of chaos. I'm hoping to go out birding tomorrow, and by the time I come back, the house will no doubt look worse than when I started.

Task - Brownie Points earned

4 Loads of Washing - 0 points
3 Loads of Washing hung up - 0 points
1 Load of Washing not hung up - minus 15 points
Asked question about potential wool item before including it - plus 1 point
Dishwasher cycle completed - 0 points
Washing-up done - 0 points
Recycling taken out - 0 points
1/3rd of kitchen cleaned, with pink spray - 0 points
Upstairs vacuumed - 0 points
Dinner cooked (for 5) - 0 points
Clean washing not put away - minus 25 points

TOTAL SCORE: minus 39 points.
Current Balance: -432

I face an impossible task, and with Spring just around the corner I am in trouble. And I have made no effort on the potty-training front either. That is a task that could well have earned me some serious points, but each time I think about starting it, something else comes up. For each week I delay it I probably lose points, so when I finally get around to it, it could well be a zero-sum gain. The trouble is I don't enjoy any of the things that could earn me those precious BPs, and I seem to spend all my time doing things that are essential, but have zero BP potential. Like cleaning and cooking. And birding.

Fast-forwarding to tomorrow, I am going to meet a reporter from ITN on Wanstead Flats for a piece they are running on the bird deaths. Unless something more interesting happens in the meantime that is, possibly involving a Z-list celebrity's cat... Almost unbelievably, they are even going to pay me for using that photo of the dead Crows in a bucket, whereas you, dear reader, get it for free (although contributions are of course welcome). Over the years I have spent a small fortune on large, heavy and cumbersome camera equipment, and never earned a single penny from it. On Tuesday morning it was all sat safe at home, well away from all the muggers, and I used my 105g 0.25 pixel phone to photograph the Crows. The photo ranks amongst the worst I have ever taken, and yet that's the one they want to pay money for. I have plenty of high quality photos of living Crows. Really nice ones, but all with a critical flaw - they are all alive, and not head down in a bucket. I don't know if I'm being interviewed, or if I'm just providing them with background info. If the former, no doubt I'll have flocked to the scene, all in a flutter....

I have no more information than I did yesterday about the poisoning. When I do, I'll post it here, or it will be on the News At Ten. One or the other. To lighten the mood though, I found this at Tescos. A piece of ginger shaped like a Scorpion. Well pleased. Don't Las Vegas Casinos buy this kind of stuff for silly money? On Ebay tomorrow....

£100,000 ovno


  1. Hmm, are they going to buy your discarded black sock photo as well?

    Glad that the poisoned birds are making TV news, in that it might help catch the evildoer. Whatshername's cat is yowling in jealousy I'm sure.

    Meanwhile, I sense just a flicker of martyrdom. No criticism, though, as t is hard to resist some days, and I have succumbed in a most embarrassing fashion recently. Thinking of going off to see some bald eagles tomorrow and the hell with domestic drudgery anyway.

  2. One immature! I think we could have done much better but due to scheduling difficulties we only had a very brief time in the area of interest (Vergennes, Vermont).

    Hmm, your next post sounds equally down. You need a gull ID puzzle or exciting rarity, stat.

  3. Hi - would you be able to provide me with comments/images about the Alexandra Lake incidcent and the tropical bird sighting in Wanstead. Its for the Wanstead Village Directory magazine. Email me on info [at] wansteadvillagedirectory [dot] com