Wednesday 24 March 2010

Rainham Feeders

In the absence of any new migrants yesterday, I staked out the feeders at Rainham. I positioned myself on the path about 10ft from the various branches and poles, scattering Goldfinches and Greenfinches in the process. I was confident they would return if I didn't move, and after about five minutes they were all back, and basically forgot all about me. No hide, no camo gear, no silly hat, just staying still. However when somebody walked up the path and past me, they were all off again. Bloody birders!

I didn't move for about an hour and a half, and had a some great close up opportunities. As always, you can click on the photos for a bigger version. I've been meaning to set something similar up in the garden for ages and ages, I've even got the primary perch - a log hauled out of Reservoir Wood last autumn, but I've been too lazy to sort it all. Tomorrow, all that will change!

Collared Dove

Stock Dove




Greenfinch and Goldfinch

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  1. My goodness, your goldfinches are spectacular! So are our American goldfinches, I suppose, but one gets used to them.

    Hmm, I would like to request a post on the local birds you consider most beautiful or attractive--not the rarities (turacos et al.) but the more commonly seen ones.