Tuesday 2 March 2010

Safe to View - Wanstead

Sorry about that last post. Drink some water.

Wanstead was glorious this morning, albeit in a non-bird way. Wish I'd taken my real camera, but I took a scope for some reason..... Still, the point and click did a reasonable job for about a 95% reduction in both cost and weight.

It was cold but clear, and a low mist hung over the ground. I love it when it is like this, and this photo may end up being the new banner.

The sun comes up over one of the plantations.

Suprisingly, it then came up some more.

And some more. Note the dog-walker a mere minute after sunrise. Very selfish. Below is the Coronation Plantation.

There you go, all done! Feeling better? And I didn't even mention the Great Black-backed Gull I saw fly over the Flats at 7:22am, heading south-east. Two in a week, I must be in the zone.


  1. Spectacular photos! The early bird, etc. etc.

    All your hammering away about gulls (don't deny it) + the Ivory last week is even causing me to think just a little bit about Laridae. However I'm lucky if I recognize a Herring Gull on my own, so it would take a flock of Greater Black-Backeds to winkle any attempts at gull IDs out of me.

    Gosh, that Glaucous really does look like a different type of bird altogether.

  2. It's OK, it'll be spring soon and we can all forget about gulls for six months.