Monday 22 February 2010

Wheatear minus twenty-one days and counting

I saw my first Wheatear last year on the 15th of March. I don't know how fast they fly, but it's a very very long way, so I reckon my first bird of 2010 must be in the air, heading north. I'm actually getting fairly excited already, in anticipation of that chilly morning out on the Flats when I espy something that might possibly be a bird on a distant clod. I don't carry a scope on the patch, so I will approach closer, and then it will fly, revealing pure white. And I will be happy, because it will have started. I have not been birding very long at all, but I doubt I will ever get tired of migration. I will never become complacent - "Ah yes, first Wheatear of the year. Whatever, and it'll happen next year too, yawn!" It just won't happen - I will always be thrilled to bits. And don't worry, when it happens, you'll know about it.

"Get Ready!"

1 comment:

  1. I like your enthusiasm! Makes reading your blog very enjoyable. Lovely bird, too. And the coming of spring, as well as migration, is nothing to sneeze at.