Thursday 26 November 2009

Ye Gods!! (pt 2)

Picture the scene. I am at the breakfast table, chomping away on Tesco's Strawberry Crisp. A steaming mug of tea sits in front of me. Evenly spaced around the rest of the table are three angelic children, freshly dressed, chomping away on Shreddies (well, Tesco Malt Wheaties), Cornflakes (possibly not Kellogg's...), and Weetabix (the genuine article, what do you think this is?!). A small flight of geese enter the scene from the right, flying east. One of them is not a goose. The peace is shattered as I jump up from the table and bash my knee. "SHOVELER!!!!! Look, a Shoveler, with the four Canadas!!" A garden tick no less, and rather unexpected.

I have made mention of the Birding Gods before. In yesterday's confessional edition I invoked their name whilst discussing a (bastard) Pipit that probably flew over Bush Wood. As you know, sometimes they smile, sometimes they don't. Nonetheless, I am believer, and even more so now.

Look at what I drew last night.

Tonight I will be drawing a Barred Warbler, followed by a Little Bunting and possibly ten other birds.


  1. "Tonight I will be drawing a Barred Warbler, followed by a Little Bunting" ha ha!!!!

  2. Is this normal behaviour? Little buntings following Barred warblers?