Sunday 10 January 2010

Rainham Score

Scored big-time at Rainham today with three Red-breasted Mergansers. Only my second for London, and a site tick. Found by Hawkeye as you would expect (but please lambast him for the very poor play on words), they showed fairly well on the river for around fifteen minutes before heading off high and westwards. Shaun and Redsy got them too, as did Sir L H of the G who was out for a walk, but it was so brief that unless you were on site as they were, you could not have got them. Couldn't be bothered with the camera today based on the horrible forecast, so once again I have resorted to the high-quality medium that is phonescoping. Does the job though, should anyone want to query the record in these sad, suspicious times we live in. It was a cold day, with a nasty wind, but unless you were standing out on the sea wall, it was perfectly bearable. On balance though the interior of the Visitor Centre had the nicest weather. And coffee.

Also had two Grey Seals, one hauled-up, an adult Med Gull, a first winter Caspian Gull, and a Water Pipit by the Stone Barges. Wanstead you say? No idea, where's that?

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