Monday 11 January 2010

Potty Training

12:20pm - Pudding on the potty
12:30pm - Pudding still on the potty

"Are you finished?"
"No, my not finished yet!"
"OK, just let me know. Good Girl!"

12:35pm - Still there...
12:40pm - Hurrah!:

"Daddy, my done a wee!"

Approx 2ml, but an achievement nonetheless. Excellent, we are on our way. Nappy back on, tights back up, trousers back on, additional socks on, slippers on, wash her hands, wash my hands. It is now approximately 12:45pm.


"Daddy, my done a poo!"


  1. She's going to thank you so much for these posts when she's 15 :-P

  2. I was going to say that :)
    Still cute though