Sunday 17 May 2020

Summer drinks

It is fair to say that I am partial to a nice tipple. Wine is the drink of choice, particularly with food, and I always try and ensure some element of matching. I find drinks and drinking to be quite seasonal - in the colder months our food tends to be richer and more robust, and as a result there is more red on the table. Similarly these are the months for whisky, be it bourbon or scotch. As the weather warms up and our meals become lighter with the availability of more salads and so on, the wine switches to white and particularly that very pale rosé from Southern France for which I have a very soft spot. As a result that soft spot is sadly mirrored on my physical person.... 

I could wax lyrical about wine and food, but what about a little something before dinner? Perhaps even early afternoon if it is the weekend? The gin and tonic reigns supreme for a perfect balance of refreshment and taste, and also for ease of preparation - one can be in my hand very shortly after coming through the front door and I have also trained the children to make them. But of course now we all have a little more time on our hands. No more commute, and with the warm conservatory and tropically-themed terrace mere steps away it is no surprise that the residents of Chateau L turn their thoughts to drinks with a little more complexity. Especially on sunny days, and now that holidays appear to be a thing of the past it seems only fair.

For several years now I have for some reason ended up taking a quick photo of whatever lovely concoction I find in my hand, and on this idle Sunday morning I had a trawl though this archive, possibly to draw inspiration for later this afternoon as the sun does appear to be out, but also to see if I had sufficient material to provide some inspiration. It seems that I do, so here is a selection of a few of the things I have happily slurped my way through over the last few summers. Rum and mint in various combinations tend to feature heavily, especially the classic Mojito and Rum Punch, but the repertoire is ever-increasing and a new favourite is a Blood Orange Martini. Anyway, with apologies to those lacking in self control....


  1. The Quail certainly merited one of these delights, not that there needs to be an excuse. Can you stop at one though?

  2. Grab one cold can of Stella, empty into a Skye Ales pint glass, sit back and enjoy. If you feel adventurous/glamorous whack in a sprig of fresh dock leaf and stir with a twig. Lovely :)

  3. Replies
    1. I use a book called the "Sauceguide v2" as insiration, which I got years ago. A4 with over 1000 recipes in it. There have been several volumes since I think.