Friday 29 May 2020

London Bird Report 2018

Look at this Cetti's Warbler! They just don't do this for normal people, but for Russ.... A photo like this on the front promises riches within.

Earlier this morning there was a satisfying plop on my front door mat. The 2018 LBR had metaphorically and physically landed. 250 pages of high quality bird-related goodness - lists,  write-ups, papers, photographs..... The effort that goes into this publication is immense, and all provided pro bono by a small band of dedicated London birders with relevant skillsets, in particular our Commander in Chief Pete L who puts in hours and hours not only to marshal the rest of us into action but to ensure consistency and accuracy across the whole publication. The 2018 report will be Pete's last LBR; we are in desperate need of a replacement Editor but finding one is proving extremely difficult and if we do not its future is in serious doubt. There is no doubt the level of commitment is very off-putting, especially as those qualified for the job would prefer to be out birding, but there it is - the report does not write itself. Ask yourself if you would miss it, and then ask yourself if you could give any time, in any capacity, to see it continue. Details on how to get involved are here

If you are a member of the London Natural History Society you may have heard a similar plop this morning as paid-up members get a copy by default. You can buy back issues but the best way to get one is to join up. I got a sneak preview online a few weeks ago, mainly to try and check for colour issues as the circumstances this year don't allow us to meet to look over a proof. I look forward to some quality time this weekend having a proper look at the real thing. 


  1. It is very nice to read these words of praise for the LBR, and I'm delighted to see it going strong still. It is more than three decades since my own involvement with this publication, and early/mid-'80s editions will appear primitive in comparison, but its production was a labour of love back then too. I hope you find the editor you need. Such individuals are worth their weight in gold...

    1. Still going strong! Somebody once lent me every issue ever published so that I could dig out records for the Wanstead historic list, the earlier ones are mere pamphlets compared to today's versions it has to be said. Pete has been superb for years now, he really does deserve immense credit. And a rest!