Tuesday 19 May 2020

Florida IV - Day 3, Part 2 - Larger waders

Day 2, larger waders

This post is the second one about a three hour session on Bunche Beach at Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast in Florida. It is an exceptionally good location for wader photography, the best I have found, but only with very careful planning. That means checking tide times and the weather. I've got this wrong just once and it won't happen again. People after words rather than photographs should probably click their "back" button about now. People who want to look at six subtly different images of Marbled Godwit, by all means continue... There will be a third post on smaller waders - the Peeps as they're known. 


Short-billed Dowitcher

Grey Plover

Marbled Godwit


  1. Superb! I always figured that Marbled Godwit (and American Oyk) should be on the British List by now, but their migration routes make it unlikely. But Willet?? What the heck, that should have turned up decades ago!

    1. Willet is such a common wader over there, it is truly remarkable that one has never made here.