Sunday 31 May 2020



Early start today, the weather seemed extremely promising, so I was out at a time beginning with a four! Ouch, but it was very pleasant indeed. Almost unbelievably where I had been planning to take sunrise, fox and owl photos from was occupied by three young hooded gentlemen. At 4.30am! Oh to live somewhere remote with NO PEOPLE. I went somewhere else and took some photos of grass - my current nasal nemesis.

Were it not for my nose and eyes, I could get to quite like grass I think. So many forms, so many angles, shades, textures. Quite beautiful really. 

Eventually the hoodies moved off, presumably to bed, but by then the sun was quite high in the sky. Instead I amused myself with the large congregations of juvenile Starlings feeding in the long grass and making a huge racket. There must have been several hundred of them in a tight flock, and it was the sound of their calls that was most striking - the plaintive whirring of so many juveniles. It seems that they have had a good year, and I look forward to the flocks of pale brown and spangly purple ones being joined by a nice pink one in due course.

Another day now beckons in the lockdown garden, you will not catch me heading off to some beauty spot. I quite like my garden, and certainly my plants have never had it so good - a regime of constant and tender care. Lots of trimming, feeding, repotting and so. My current conundrum is that all my labels have faded due to exposure, and so a number of potted palm trees that all look quite similar are now unidentified. Anyone know how to separate Trachycarpus takil from Trachycarpus nainital? No, didn't think so. I don't either.

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  1. Long grass in my own garden plus Starlings [fewer] but unfortunately we don't see the sun rise or set. On the plus side there are no hooded gentlemen!