Saturday 12 March 2011

Who would be a female Mallard?

On my latest foray onto Wanstead Flats this morning - no I didn't, since you ask - I witnessed what can only be described as a vicious assault. Poor Miss Mallard didn't stand a chance, as five testosterone-fuelled Mr Mallards subjected her to what must have been a terrifying ordeal. I almost stepped in and put a stop to it, but then realised that they were just ducks doing what ducks do, and although in the human world this wouldn't be tolerated (apart from in certain areas of Epping Forest perhaps), in the duck world it's perfectly normal. So I let them get on with it, or with her, and instead took a few photos (which probably also happens in Epping Forest).


  1. Goodness gracious, and I thought this was supposed to be a family-friendly blog. Unsubscribe!

    Have you seen Isabella Rossellini playing the part of a female duck? 100% NSFSC (not safe for small children) but educational and hilarious in a surreal kind of way...

  2. there's this and this

    note aso a high incidence of same-sex pairs in mallards.

    It's all going on down your local park!