Friday 25 March 2011

Beachwear Illustrated

Another day of glorious sunshine, what better than a trip to the beach with a picnic?  Even with a stiff breeze blowing on the Suffolk coast, it was very pleasant to be outside. We made a sand and pebble castle, ate the picnic, collected some shells, climbed some anti-tank masonry, and generally had a bit of a run around.

Aren't we having a nice time! But wait a minute, what are all those people doing behind you?

Look at them Pudding! They all seem to be wearing muted green and blue clothing. Oh, and that guy is in camo! Have we somehow lucked out on an outdoor fashion parade?

How strange, they all look like they're peering through a fence. I wonder what they're looking at? Shall we go and see?

Look, they've got telescopes and stuff. Oh wait a minute, are these what they call, er, what's the word, oh yes, twitchers? No, no, they can't be, it's just a Treecreeper with a ring on its leg. Wing looks a bit funny, but it's basically a Treecreeper. Oh well, whatever floats your boat I suppose. Come on, let's go!


  1. Ya twitching bam! How do you manage to see such things when avec le bairns? I can't contemplate twitching anything smaller or less obvious than a great white egret with my fellas - the very thought of it is enough to put me off! Respect! Whats yer secret? Chocolate?

  2. It's gotta be fair. Bird time, kids time. Birds next to beaches are ideal. I have good form at Landguard, never waited more than ten minutes for anything. Hoopoe, Arctic Warbler, now this.