Saturday 14 March 2009

Where is my Wheatear?

Seemingly all other sites in London today have had a Wheatear, in some cases several. Wanstead though remains a Wheatear-free zone, despite some serious bashing this morning. I did find some reasonably photogenic Skylarks though.

Rainham is hotting up, have been three days on the trot now, very pleasing indeed. Still not caught up with any of the white-wingers, but I did jam in on the first Mandarin Duck for about 20 years, which pleased Howard. He had to be pleased for me from a distance though, as he was in Kent. As a true birder, he did of course consider driving all the way from Kent just to get it on his Rainham list, but in a fit of sensibleness didn't bother, so if you saw it, be sure to mention it to him.

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