Thursday 5 March 2009

Economy in good shape after all

Good news, we can all stop worrying.

As almost the lone Dad in a playground full of Mums, dutifully standing in a queue waiting to pick up my offspring, I get to hear all sorts of Mum-talk. Today's Mum-talk was most heartening - somebody should tell Mervyn King & Gordon Brown that everything is in fact OK and that no quantative easing is required. Apparently a local hairdresser is still able to charge £77 for a haircut, and what is more, the owner of this new haircut was a) not blown away by the staggering enormity of the price, and b) very very pleased with the result. I should bloody well hope so too! Anyway, my reading of this is that the economy is in great shape and that the media are blowing it out of all proportion. And that we have all massively underestimated the intelligence of hairdressers, choosing to pour scorn, whereas in fact we should be going to them for financial advice.

I did not get my hair cut today, choosing instead to save £77, and earn 0.08p interest on it. I scrubbed all the green stuff off the terrace, and spilled some undiluted anti-algae chemicals on my knuckles, which are now bright red, but algae-free. I need to invest in some gardening gloves, as I am constantly knackering my hands doing plant stuff. This was last week's effort. Don't forget I was until recently an office-boy, and thus very delicate, but each and every one of the little abrasions really really stung.

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