Saturday 7 March 2009

London Tickfest

A casual day birding today, well not birding exactly, more just ticking a variety of interesting local birds, twitching if you will. First stop KGV Reservoir in NORTH LONDON, for a Grey Phalarope that was every bit as confiding as I had read that they were. As we were all snapping away, another birder spotted the long-staying Red-breasted Merganser. Excitedly I jumped up as this was a London tick for me. "Saddo" thought Shaun, before realising he also needed it for London, and following me... had the bird but flown in those few seconds....

Bradders and I then drove ~40 miles round to Staines Reservoir in WEST LONDON, for a recently arrived Ferruginous Duck and some long-staying Scaup. These were very rapidly bagged for the yearlist, and good as the Phal undoubtedly was, there followed the highlight of the day, as a red-faced and excited birder appeared on the causeway. "Is the Phalarope still showing?" Absolutely superb!

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