Wednesday 11 March 2009

I drove to Staines for the Scaup

The Ferruginous Duck is reputed to be a long-staying escape from 2006 that has just moved east a bit. Piss. This is according to none other than LGRE, the master of all lists, anywhere, even ones you thought were your own. I have forthwith deleted it from my 2009 tally. What Ferruginous Duck? Was there one there, I don't remember. I went for the Scaup. Good London birds Scaup, and there were three, so that was well worth it. Doubles the number of London Scaup I have seen, and significantly boosts the BN Grebe total as well. All in all an excellent visit. I vaguely recall another birder looking at the North Res, but I didn't bother, too well known for escapes and such like.

Anyway, after the shocker that was yesterday, here is the plan for today. I am currently between 2 & 3 somewhere.

1) This morning: Wanstead Park, pleasantly warm at about 11°C, and a flock of feeding Siskin. #63. Merci.
2) This afternoon: My Greenhouse, "Magic" by Bruce, first dose of fertiliser for 2009. 20.1°C, Rock on.
3) This evening: Puligny-Montrachet 2005, 12°C.


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