Sunday 8 March 2009

Birds found in the Ingrebourne Valley!

Shaun has well and truly redeemed himself by actually spotting a bird in the Ingrebourne! And not just any bird, but a Penduline Tit. And not just one, but four! What a stunning find! A week ago as we were finding no birds at all, we had remarked how unbelievably penduliney the large patch of reed-mace looked, and wondered aloud if when the Rainham birds went missing they might come here? Indeed he told me he had already spent some time staring into the reeds in that exact vain hope. Well that promise was well and truly fulfilled today. I suspect that a number of people will now spend many hours looking into that patch of reeds - particularly people called David. I will too, even though I have rather greedily seen four Penduline Tits this year already.

Meanwhile my incomparible patch-find this week was a female Ring-necked Parakeet prospecting for nest holes. Only the second time I have noted this species in the area. I heard the typical screeching ahead of me and for some reason could not work it out. I went through Gull sp (fool), and Jay (less of a fool, but still a stupid suggestion), but it wasn't until I had actually walked right past the source of the noise that I suddenly twigged, swore a bit, and turned around just in time to see a bright green bird fly out of the tree. It ranged widely in the park, and I finally tracked it down near the Dell for a snap.

"I am actually a large green Penduline Tit, are there any reeds here?"

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