Saturday 8 May 2021

Yellow Wagtail on the deck

I got a proper soaking this morning for very little reward. Hopes of Waders, Terns and southern overshoots went unfulfilled, and my waterproof trousers proved not to be waterproof any more. At the Alex the Black-necked Grebe was still in situ, and much closer to the bank than before. Did I have my camera? No I did not! I returned with it once the rain had eased, but the wind had got up and the Grebe was likely sheltering under the bank somewhere. On my fruitless tour of the edge however I came across all three regular Wagtails. I managed to briefly get ahead of the brightest one as it pottered along - I very rarely see these like this, normally there is an invisible tseeep from on high somewhere as I strain into an empty blue sky. It probably stayed for less than a minute, mostly feeding around the base of a tree, and then was off. Would that it had not been blowing a gale under a grey sky, but you take what you can get. I suppose that had it been nice and calm and sunny then this bird would have been a heard only as it sailed through.

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