Tuesday 3 November 2020

Pre-lockdown Rock Pipit

Whilst I was attempting to seawatch at Lizard Point in Cornwall the sun came out for a brief moment. This coincided with a Rock Pipit leaving the cliff and coming up to feed on the edge of the path right next to me. Seawatching was momentarily abandoned as I tried to get a pleasing shot of it before it hopped back over the precipice. It worked out OK in my humble opinion, and according to my meticulous records these are the first Rock Pipit photos I have taken (or at the very least not deleted instantly) since as long ago as 2012. They are also the last bird photos of anything other than Ducks that I am likely to take for a while given the current circumstances, so fillers of this kind will probably dry up.

So with those out of the way I am currently trying to summon the enthusiasm, ahem, to write something about my feelings on lockdown phase two. With Mrs L a teacher and three children in two different schools, lockdown in Chateau L is perhaps less meaningful than last time, certainly for my chances of contracting this horrible virus, but it comes with the same anxieties and numbing fatigue that I am sure most of us remember experiencing, or perhaps really never stopped experiencing. Mental health is not something grown men talk about very much, but I have to say that as the nights draw in and the temperature drops the thought of what is to come is making me think about it quite a bit. This time around there are no migrants to bring joy, no awakening of the garden to warm the soul, and frankly from my perspective not a lot to look forward to. Then of course there is the imminent US Presidential election and its aftermath, which as a citizen of that country and also as a sentient human being and resident of planet Earth worries me a great deal. And adding to the veritable mountain of fun is the looming deadline of the end of the Brexit transition period. So on that cheery note, adieu.


  1. Still have not got the hang of differentiating pipits, but is that second photo the same bird? Bill seems to have lots of yellow compared to the other shots?

    1. You are right, that second photo is a different bird for sure.