Thursday 12 November 2020

Feeding the birds

At this time of year it is always worth a reminder that birds can struggle to find adequate food during the winter. It is harder to forage for natural sustenance during the colder months and supplemental food can make a vital difference. If you can help out please consider doing so. Birds that you think just eat vegetation and invertebrates will in fact happily eat a wide variety of foodstuffs - sliced white bread, pittas, rice and so on, so have a look around your house and see if there is anything that is unfit for human consumption and that you could simply leave by the side of a local pond. As it's in a good cause even putrid garbage can be dumped in good conscience. Here is a typical Wanstead offering that I spotted last weekend at Alexandra Lake. Mmmmm mmmmm, what self-respecting bird wouldn't want a beak full of that eh? And if by any chance the birds should turn their beaks up at such a generous offering, the local Rats are far less picky and this will help them multiply even more rapidly whilst also contributing to water quality. Win win.

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