Saturday 14 August 2010

Limitations and lists

Limitations I

Whilst now mobile, my broken toe is slowing me down. I missed three Wood Sandpipers by minutes at Rainham today because of my restricted pace. Not that I would have run for a Wood Sandpiper of course, perish the thought.....This is not a London tick, or even a Rainham tick. Heck, it's not even a Wanstead tick. However it would have been a Rainham 2010 tick..... Pathetic, moi?

Talking of lists, I was reading a blog the other day, can't remember which one, and the author was talking about getting a loo tick. I scoffed, naturally. A loo tick, dear me. I wondered if this was a specific loo tick, in that it had to be his toilet, and was therefore a sub-set of his house list, or whether he could be on/in any toilet anywhere? I then forgot all about it, as I would obviously not stoop so low..... Then, as I was lying in bed ill last week I heard a Hobby.

A bed tick!

Limitations II

Children are limiting, just as broken toes are. Mrs L was out today with two of the kiddos, I had the other, and hence was at Rainham. As we finished our lunch, the tide was coming in and the wind shifted east. All the Rainham reprobates shifted onto the balcony to watch the river. I dearly wanted to join them, but watching dots on the river through a 'scope is not child-friendly. We went home, it was the right thing to do. It was also the wrong thing to do, for a Little Tern went past about an hour later. A Rainham tick! Not the end of the world, but fairly close. It would also have been an addition to my "birds seen from balconies" list, so I am particularly gutted.

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