Wednesday 11 August 2010

The Buzzing of Summer Terraces

We have a Hibiscus right next to the steps on our terrace. Our evil terrace. In fact is kind of in front of the steps, which it predates by many years. The plan was to dig it up, but five years on we have not got round to it. I think about it perhaps once a year, generally around now when it starts to flower profusely and I notice it again. It flowers for perhaps two months, continuously, and being so close to the terrace, a.k.a. the Wanstead Bird Observatory, the insects it attracts in turn attract me. This year I 'ave mostly been observing Hoverflies.


  1. Hello Jonathan, l'm in the market for a new lens... and you have taken some really nice close-up's (macro lens) particularly the Hoverflies.
    What close-up lens do you use or would recommend?
    Thanks, Peter

  2. I'm currently using a Canon 180mm macro and loving it. I've also used and would recommend the Sigma 150mm.