Friday 25 June 2010

With apologies to the neighbours

At around 7am this morning, as is my wont, I was emptying the moth trap and photographing the contents. Happily engaged in positioning unidentifiable micros for the camera, I heard a familiar sound. Sure enough, the Turaco was in the neighbourhood.

I dashed inside, swapped macro for telephoto, and stood in the middle of the garden. Then I started whooping, quite loudly it must be said. Apologies to the neighbours. They needed to be up anyway so they could go work and support the economic recovery.

The Turaco came straight in, and I mean straight in. I couldn't help but smile as it perched on my fence, about ten feet away, and chuckled back at me. What a brilliant bird! I stepped back so I could focus, and snapped a couple of shots off. These are uncropped, and handheld at 1/160th. A minor miracle.

So there you go, a blog post with nary a mention of moths. And not gripping either, like yesterday's. Sorry about that.

PS Many thanks to those of you who so selflessly volunteered to assist me on the school run. Your reward is in heaven. Or possibly behind a nondescript front door in Wanstead.

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