Monday 7 June 2010

Heath Fritillaries. Done.

Everyone else has a blog post about Heath Fritillaries, and always a trend-setter, I thought I would too. First of all I started thinking that no, people would be bored by yet more butterflies, but then I thought that the blog had been a bit bird-heavy in the last few days, what with the excitement of Marmora's Warbler and so on, and that it was high time for a bit of a come down. It is June afterall. Butterflies it is then.

I've been meaning to go to Hockley Woods in Essex for a long time. Birds kept getting in the way, for which I apologise. I know you don't come here for that. Pudding and I went for a little walk with a picnic. Sausage sandwiches to be precise. We had a barbeque yesterday and don't feel that we have yet consumed enough protein. She sat and stuffed her face with this nutritious meal, and I got down to business with the Fritillaries. Win win.

Yet again, very obliging, really sat and posed rather nicely. You might think that one photo of a Heath Fritillary would be enough, and you might well be right. On the other hand, you don't know the password and I do. So, four photos then.

Not wishing to bore you to death with Butterflies, I thoughtfully pondered what else you might like. Birds? Nah, boring. Tales of domestic bliss? Interesting, but so last year. Then I found this beetle. Job's a good'un.

Cardinal Beetle


  1. We were at Hockley yesterday too, must have missed you... though that would be easy, given the size of the place.

  2. Quality images. I went up there 2 weeks ago and had no luck with the butterflies but hopefully Ill be able to add to the list of Heath Fritillary post myself soon!