Monday 6 April 2009

Spring is here!

It's official, Spring is here. How do I know this? You may think that it's because today I saw a Willow Warbler, a Yellow Wag, 2 Little Gulls, some Sand Martins and a pair of Garganey, and because there are 19 million Chiffchaffs singing in Bush Wood, but you would be wrong.

Here, neatly summed up in a single image, is why:

Punxsutawney Toe

I am still going through all the photos from Australia, it will likely take the rest of my life. Digital is great, but encourages profligacy. In the meantime, here is why I didn't get quite as much birding done as I had hoped...

Coffs Harbour last week. It's fair to say it rained a bit.

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