Monday 13 April 2009

Just one more to go

...and then I can stop twitching. Yeah right. Got the White-throated Sparrow today, after a day and a half of worry and panic. As twitches go, this was OK, better than the last Zonotrichia anyway. Heaving of course, but not unpleasantly so. As usual 90% of the people were standing round having a chat. More worryingly, I recognised some of them. No kids today, so I elected to have a poke around, can't stand just sitting there like a lemon. Inevitably the bird popped up behind me somewhere just as I was wandering around peering into bushes, and I got a very brief and untickable view in flight. Bugger. Lesson learned, next time I'll just have a bit of a chat. Eventually got decent views of it as it fed on the ground in a bush. Had a choice between looking at the bird, and taking a picture of it, and chose the former. You couldn't see it unless you were crouched down peering into the bush, at which point getting a shot was pretty much out of the question. Or you could stand back and hoped it popped up, which the proper photographers did, but they never got to see the bird properly. Eventually it did pop up very briefly, and when it did so I found a new setting on the camera called "Impressionist" mode. Great.

#299, The Hawthorn

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