Wednesday 15 April 2009

Hip Hip Hoopoe!

Bit of Sun headline there, sorry. Anyhow, as the children and I were breakfasting this moring, I had a text from Bradders that said "Hoopoe at Landguard now...." I generally have my pager on silent, as it annoys somebody, so I had not seen this message yet. Interesting... could it be done?

Four Lethbridge's were on site by 10am, three of them coerced, and we all had a good look at the bird as it fed on the ground on the shingle. Tick. I am now a member of the BOU 300 Club, hurrah! Brilliant birds Hoopoes, really rather special - you feel privileged to be watching one. I lifted the children up to the scope one by one. Tick tick tick. I must get round to doing the kids' lists one of these days, before I forget what they have seen. In the years to come they will surely thank me.

Oh the quality...

Bird out of the way, I let the brood loose on the sunny beach, and much fun was had with pebbles, sand and lumps of wartime concrete. The mist then came in and it got a bit cold, so we headed for home and played Lego all afternoon - fair is fair.

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