Sunday 19 April 2009

Just reward for bashing the patch

There is something special about working a patch. Partly it is getting to know an area really well, going out with specific targets in mind at certain times of year, sometimes scoring, sometimes not - but there is an aura of excitement on every trip, else you would stop going. Partly it is that you have it to yourself. In your eyes, it is your patch. Yours. Nobody else's. Everything there for you to discover for yourself. And partly of course it is just luck.

I left the house before 6am this morning, and the luck kicked in. Given I had risen at stupid o' clock with the firm intention of finding a Ring Ouzel, this was somewhat of a welcome surprise...

...and meant I could do this, a rare occurence. As expected it was well twitched, with at least 29,000 3 other birders turning up.


  1. I'm shocked there hasn't been a heap of congratulatory comments. You deserve at least one, surely? I think I only ever saw something like 3 Ring Ouzels in my London Area years, so can appreciate what a buzz this must have given you. On the other hand, if they occur on Wanstead Flats on a regular and predictable basis I take it all back...

  2. Thanks Gavin. Best birding moment of 2009 so far. Beats twitching hands down. I just walked round a bush and there it was, I could scarcely believe it. I think I watched it for about 2 hours before reluctantly turning for home.