Wednesday 28 October 2020

Passing me by

Earlier this year, in late March, I was on my way home from the patch when a Great White Egret flew past me at about roof height heading east. I estimate it passed within about 100m of my house, which had I been in it.... 

About two weeks ago I was out birding on the patch and had headed away from the usual gaggle at the VizMig point. Having a poke around Alexandra Lake I got the message from the gang that two Great White Egrets were heading west in a line which would take them over my house. James, who was at home and lives almost directly west of me, was able to look out of his window for a nice garden tick. Had I been at home....

Yesterday a Great White Egret flew west from Alex in a line that would take it over my house. Tim and Bob, who live quite near me, looked up and were able to add Great White Egret to their garden lists. James, who as we have just found out lives west of me, also looked out of the window and greedily added his third garden Great White Egret. And where was I? 

Can you guess where I am going with this? Well, you are wrong!

At home!!

And my garden list? OK maybe you weren't wrong. Great White Egretless. Yes I missed it again. Unfortunately, and despite the heads up from Nick and all the other subsequent whooping for joy messages, I was stuck on a work meeting that had run over by a few minutes. I did not check why my phone had beeped, and of course by the time I did the bird was out of sight and well on its way to Walthamstow. Oh what might have been...

So a sorry tale, and yet one that holds promise. Great White Egret is in the ascendency, there are now birds all over the place, and in a local context the last few sightings show that the NW-SE route from the Thames to the Lea Valley is one that is well-used. I am hopeful - indeed I would go so far as to say I am confident - that having now missed four in a matter of months that I will get one over my house soon enough. And when that day comes there will be a gleeful blog post to accompany it. And if I am quick enough it may contain something like this.

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