Friday 22 November 2019

The great Wanstead carrot harvest of 2019

You know how they talk about great wine vintages of the past? The amazing 1945, 1961, 1982 in Bordeaux, more recently 2005 and so on. They are referred to in almost reverent whispers in some circles. Well in the years to come the same hushed tones will be used to describe the 2019 Chateau L carrot crop. People will likely end up writing scholarly essays on it, this blog post will be the first of many I expect.

The carrots were pulled this past weekend, and to say that the harvest was a bumper one would be a gross understatement. Bountiful, the soil here is unparalleled in its ability to really impart nutrients into the vegetables. As a result they grow larger, and more quickly, and the taste is second to none. I estimate we will be feasting on carrots for many, many months. I can only hope however that there is some other food to go with them.....


  1. Savour each one as if it will be the last, which very shortly, it will be!

  2. Yes, but they're perfectly formed!

    My problem with carrots this year was finding many of
    them somewhat nibbled. The nibbler was particularly
    fond of the fancy purple ones and left the boring white
    ones behind.