Friday 31 May 2019

The joy of veg

We are still living the vegetarian dream in Chateau L. All dishes are scored out of five by all family members, and then rounded up or down depending on the whim of Mrs L. I wanted to post this for two reasons. One, it is an excellent filler - written inspiration continues to be alternately easy and hard, and it is the hard phase that seems to dominate. And two, if I can become mostly vegetarian then anyone can. It is easy, healthier and cheaper, and we have found that we do not miss meat that much at all. Perhaps the biggest downside is that red wine – of which I have a lot – lends itself very well to pairing up with meat-based dishes. Still, there is always cheese I suppose. Goat’s cheese of course.

Anyway here is the list of dishes that we keep coming back to. Some experiments don’t work, but some of the below have become staples around here. By the way, for anything involving Paneer or Tofu, I was conveniently out. But I would have scored them zero - meat substitutes are pointless in my opinion, rubbery tasteless nonsense. There are plenty of actual vegetables with which to make fabulous dishes. Anyway, take a look at this mouthwatering list!

Pea and Paneer Curry 5 
Tofu and Mushrooms 5
Carrot Biryani 5
Roasted Veg Lasagna 5

Spinach and Almond Cannelloni 4
Green Beans, Potatos and Chives 4
Mexican Soup 4
Veg Tagine 4
Kale Speltotto 4
Macaroni Peas 4
Basil and Ricotta Risotto 4
Broccoli Pasta 4
Veggie Tacos 4
Pasta with Greens, Chilli and Garlic 4

Summer Stir Fry 3
Veggie Pasties 3
Summer Veg Frittata 3
Mushroom Risotto 3
Mushroom Bourguignon 3
Pasta with Kale, Chilli and Garlic 3

Spring green pasta from the River Cottage Veg Every Day cookbook. We had it during the winter with Kale and it was not as good, only scoring a 3.

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