Sunday 11 September 2016

Wackos and Wheatears

Just managed to nip out for an hour or so this evening on the basis that the light was lovely. The Flats were crawling with people, with more than a fair share of freaks and weirdos. A man in a string leotard was, er, interesting, a steamy photoshoot was going on in Centre Copse, Model planes were being flown, footballers were everywhere, and a man rode his large motorbike through the brickpits and down the slope. Busy in other words. And of course God only knows what was going on inside Long Wood, but a lot of people were on the periphery including Jesus serenading a topless ladyfriend with a guitar. I did read somewhere recently that it was a good time of year for vagrant boobies, but I thought that was in Sussex. Anyway, I met a couple of birders I didn't recognise, one of whom felt moved to comment that there were quite a lot of unusual people around......that there were, that there were.

I am one in fact, because rather than attempt to photograph Jesus's friend or whatever was happening in Centre Copse with my extremely large camera, I wandered straight past all this fascinating activity and along the Ditch of Despair. At the end of the Ditch of Despair were two Wheatears, and whilst I have many photos of Wheatears already and no photos of semi-naked guitarists and their entourages, I proceeded to add to the former as that's what floats my boat. 

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